Saint Mary's Catholic School History


Our Catholic School was formed by the Marist Sisters and was opened on the 2nd of February 1944. The school was built by a local farmer and the parish men. Most of the materials for the school were donated by local farmers. There were only 3 teachers, 3 classrooms and only 38 students. Up until 1959 all the teachers were nuns. The teachers that joined after that were lay teachers. Our principal became a lay teacher in 1991. The school pool first opened in 1974 at the annual school gala day. All the money was fund raised for and the pool took ten weeks to build.
Our Beliefs:
Our school believes in the Marist tradition as we strive for excellence. As a Catholic School we believe in the Holy Bible and follow the Ten Commandments. We believe in the one and only God, the creator of all things big and small. As St. Mary's Catholic School, we follow in the footsteps of Mary.